Mike Hodges, MA, CHSS Healthcare Security Leader

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Mike Hodges, MA, CHSS Healthcare Security Leader

November 17, 2020

Mike Hodges, MA, CHSS Healthcare Security Leader

Mike is the Director of Public Safety at Piedmont Athens Regional Hospital in Athens, Georgia. In Mike’s over 18 years of experience, he has been a pioneer in proactive security solutions including leading the development of a collaborative workplace violence prevention program that has reduced incidents of workplace violence by over 50% at his facility.

Prior to healthcare, Mike was a member of the U.S. Army where his service included a response to Hurricane Katrina and combat tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Mike has published numerous articles related to violence prevention and officer training, he currently manages the Proactive Security blog, and is the co-host of the Proactive Security Podcast.

Here in Episode #92 Mike starts our show with the mindset centered on learning from our mistakes; Mike takes us through his career story and how he accidentally landed in healthcare; We dive deep into the world of healthcare security and safety;

Mike delivers a range of resources for reducing violence in the healthcare setting; Mike highlights an important career learning centered on gaining collaboration in our efforts; Mike teaches us why we need to shut up and listen; he teaches us why it’s important to draw the line between disease progression and criminal intent;

he highlights innovative tools including violence risk assessments and patient flagging as upcoming industry trends; Mike highlights how quality people and better support healthcare security leaders; he pushes a great call to action that workplace safety is everyone’s responsibility; Mike highlights a great opportunity to include ancillary departments in our safety improvement efforts; Mike calls out the healthcare industry to be more open-minded for innovative thinkers, And shares his best career advice to take imperfect action.

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