Michael Lalor, MD MBA CPE FACHE Chief Medical Officer

The Healthcare QualityCast

Michael Lalor, MD MBA CPE FACHE Chief Medical Officer

September 1, 2020

Michael Lalor, MD MBA CPE FACHE Chief Medical Officer

Here in episode #81, Michael starts our show highlighting the life lessons in what we do and learn as quality leaders; He walks us through his career journey as a healthcare professional, a physician executive, and a well tenured care provider within the hospice and palliative care space; Michael provides a great overview and introduction into the world of palliative care; and helps to define the standard of quality within this unique specialty; Dr. Lalor gives an insightful breakdown in what it takes to lead yourself versus leading others; He highlights a range of leaderships viewpoints for promoting provider wellness as a way to best serve and meet our patient needs; Michael tells us how he leverages a simple conversation for the success of both his patients and his team; He shares a great aha moment connecting leadership with the Pareto principle; how being a voracious learner supports his personal development process; and how COVID-19 is redefining healthcare in a way that quality people should be excited about

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