Mary Ellen Skeens, SSBB, CPHIMS, PMP

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Mary Ellen Skeens, SSBB, CPHIMS, PMP

November 5, 2019

Mary Ellen Skeens, SSBB, CPHIMS, PMP

Here in episode #39 we are fortunate to catch Mary Ellen fresh off of a return work trip from Germany, but jet lag aside, she opens our show with a timeless quote from Maya Angelou, then walks us through her career path as she transitions from the automotive industry and into healthcare with a goal of leading a more purpose-driven career; Mary Ellen offers a pretty unique perspective on the differences in healthcare cultures given her exceptional background in supporting multinational improvement projects; Mary Ellen walks us through one of her career lessons learned that’s connected with utilizing data for improvement projects and ensuring the highest level of data integrity; She highlights the power of building strong project teams using effective communication plans; She shares a pretty cool AHA moment that led to a major journal publication; And Mary Ellen also shares great thoughts on how healthcare can better attract and retain talent.

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