Mark Graban, Author, Speaker, Consultant

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Mark Graban, Author, Speaker, Consultant

April 30, 2019

Mark Graban, Author, Speaker, Consultant

With today’s episode, I only have 2 words…Mark Graban!!! Now if you’re not familiar with Mr. Graban, then listen up…Mark Graban is the author of the book Measures of Success, the Shingo-Award winning book Lean Hospitals and co-author of Healthcare Kaizen (also a Shingo recipient) and The Executive Guide to Healthcare Kaizen. Mark is a professional speaker, healthcare consultant and advisor to the technology company KaiNexus. Now in this episode Mark and I go in-depth around lean transformation journeys in healthcare, leveraging the front-line for practical solutions, promoting the thought for improvement professionals to pivot from the role of solution generator into solution facilitators, and many more value-adding topics!

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