Leigh Truss, MBA, MSW, CPHQ  Director of Quality and Patient Safety

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Leigh Truss, MBA, MSW, CPHQ Director of Quality and Patient Safety

January 19, 2021

Leigh Truss, MBA, MSW, CPHQ Director of Quality and Patient Safety

Leigh is a healthcare executive based in Atlanta, GA. Throughout her almost twenty-year career, she has served as Vice President of Quality, Director of Patient Safety, Accreditation & Risk Management, and Director of Oncology Services/Women’s Imaging in the hospital setting. Leigh has a Master’s Degree in Social Work and spent many years working with adolescents and their families along with serving as a Youth Leader in a church in Texas. She still supports children and their families today. Leigh enjoys leading talks and seminars on anxiety, coping strategies, communication, relationships, leadership & team dynamics.

She is the founder of The InvestHER Club, an organization dedicated to serving women and cultivating relationships that support personal and professional goals. She also recently launched the Cardinal Development Group, LLC, a business and professional development consulting firm; and The Care Companion, LLC – a caregiver support organization that provides coaching, case management, and resources for parents, children, patients, and families.

Leigh has always had the heart to serve and currently supports several local and national non-profits. She serves on several non-profit boards and has a passion for Board development in the non-profit setting. She is a proud graduate of Leadership DeKalb – class of 2019 and is also a graduate of Florida A&M University, Florida State University, and Texas Woman’s University.

Here in Episode #101, Leigh starts our show with a great quote teaching us that we lead where we stand; she takes us on a great overview of her non-clinical, healthcare quality leadership path; Leigh shares a powerful career moment that teaches us the impact of validating our assumptions; Leigh shares a leadership mindset on how she connects to purpose with her team and invites others to the table; We talk best practices for running engaging meetings; Leigh brings us back to reality in acknowledging that physicians are people too; Leigh challenges healthcare teams to execute more FMEA’s; she connects the dots between healthcare quality and systems thinking; Leigh spotlights the emerging focus on DEI in the acute-care setting and how quality professionals can support the movement; and Leigh shares the best career advice that she has given, which is to ask for what you want!

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