Leading Immersive Health with Dov Z. Hirsch

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Leading Immersive Health with Dov Z. Hirsch

December 28, 2021

Leading Immersive Health with Dov Z. Hirsch

Meet our guest on this episode, Dov Hirsch, General Manager of the Immersive Health Group, a subsidiary of the Glimpse Group, which works with Augmented and Virtual Reality technology building software for a variety of industries including healthcare.

In this episode, Dov describes the role of AR/VR as well as the entertainment industry generally, in future advancements of the healthcare industry, particularly following the impact of the pandemic on workflows.

Top Takeaways

[03:00] Get uncomfortable, explore things that you haven’t explored, and be open to ideas that you haven’t been open to. 

[17:17] There is a huge difference between what people talk about in healthcare and what they do. Even with growth in value-based care, it is grossly under-practiced, and most healthcare delivery in the US remains fee for service.  

[21:21] The role of AR/VR in healthcare: The two main areas where augmented reality will have an impact are Clinical training and Behavioral health. 

[30:56] Lessons from experience in failure: The failure of so many health systems is leaning too heavily on past knowledge and actions that gave success, to predict what will be successful in the future. 

[38:53] Tools for building intimate teams: Leaders need to demonstrate an ability to change and adaptability to different situations to still achieve their goals. While closely managing the most important things, the leaders must also keep in mind that the goal is not to be indispensable; the goal is to be able to walk away and know that the entity can thrive.

[43:30] Best ‘Aha’ moment: There are lots of opportunities for healthcare to deliver impact using entertainment as a tool, and this has been greatly underestimated. 

[48:20] Current exciting changes in healthcare: Care delivery has to be more affordable, more convenient, and more effective. Quality professionals need to start thinking about applying quality measures to retail and consumer health. 

[53:37] Dov gets a lot of inspiration from his family and the fun in his work. 

[56:53] Best career advice: “Accept Help; Don’t be afraid to ask for help”

[01:00:30] Successful Habit: Take care of your health 

[01:02:45] A professional society recommendation: Game Developers Conference (GDC)

[01:03:38] Book recommendation: ‘The Challenger Sale’ by Matthew Dixon, ‘Moonwalking with Einstein’ by Joshua Foer, ‘The Tipping Point’ by Malcolm Gladwell

[01:06:05] Dov’s message to himself would be to embrace who he is, and to have fun.

[01:09:30] How to contact Dov

Key Quotes:

“Taking on a challenge is a lot like riding a horse, if you’re comfortable while you’re doing it, you’re probably doing it wrong”

“You cannot underestimate the value of your clinical or caregiving workforce”

“The opportunities for learning are going to be greatest where and when mistakes occur”

“We don’t transform, if we’re lucky and we work hard, we adapt”

“Everyone needs to seek out help and accept it”


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