Lauren Cooper, MSHS, CSSBB, PMP Assoc Dir, Performance Improvement

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Lauren Cooper, MSHS, CSSBB, PMP Assoc Dir, Performance Improvement

October 27, 2020

Lauren Cooper, MSHS, CSSBB, PMP Assoc Dir, Performance Improvement

Lauren Cooper is the associate director of performance improvement at Wake Forest Baptist Health in Winton-Salem, NC.

In this role, she leads a team of 6 six sigma green belts and black belts who lead system-wide quality improvement projects, train associates in quality improvement tools, and partner with their patient safety team to analyze and improve systems after serious safety events.

Outside of work, Lauren enjoys cooking, cake decorating and is beginning to explore cookie decorating. These skills come in handy since she’s currently in the middle of summer birthday season for her two sons, Chase and Austin who turned 6 and 4 over the past summer.

Here in episode #89, Lauren starts our show with a mindset for us to reflect on the people that we connect with; Lauren leads us through her career journey, highlighting that process improvement is literally in her DNA; She shares a valuable insight encouraging us to avoid paralysis by analysis; Lauren reveals how she leverages listening as her improvement strategy; Lauren reveals an AHA moment centered on how she owns her expertise; She tells us why she’s excited about the combined future of telehealth and quality improvement; Lauren shares her thoughts on how healthcare can better serve quality people; and, Lauren wraps our show with a powerful message to give ourselves grace.

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