Lan NguyenWong BSN,RN,MSN,CPHQ Dir, Quality Programs

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Lan NguyenWong BSN,RN,MSN,CPHQ Dir, Quality Programs

November 26, 2019

Lan NguyenWong BSN,RN,MSN,CPHQ Dir, Quality Programs

Here in Episode #42, Lan opens our show with a great reminder that Rome was not built in a day; so as quality people it’s a must that we take it easy on ourselves and respect the journey; Lan shares with us the ultimate career reflections as she walks us through her path in going from a nursing and into healthcare quality leadership; Lan shares some deeply personal reflections in her career dark moments centered around owning all problems and being the sole solution creator within her improvement efforts; Lan highlights a great AHA in her career path when realizing that money talks loudly in the business of healthcare; And with that shares great insights and callouts for nurses to move from not only being great clinical leaders to also being great business and Quality leaders; She then highlights an impressive success story around a new transformational care model implemented within her organization; And provides an incredible listing of website and app resources that she plugs in with most to execute on her work.

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