Kat Roberts, BSN, RN, Caritas Coach

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Kat Roberts, BSN, RN, Caritas Coach

December 15, 2020

Kat Roberts, BSN, RN, Caritas Coach

Kat Roberts, BSN, RN is a thought leader who founded the Integrative Health Department at Wellstar Health System, the first of its kind in the state of Georgia. To lead this movement, Kat completed the Integrative Health Leadership program at Duke University.

That, along with her combined experiences as a level one trauma nurse, Reiki practitioner, rural clinic nurse in Zambia, Africa, and Caritas Coach has led to profound insight to creating healing environments for self, team members, and patients. She is passionate in her mission to transform healthcare leading with data, intuition, and heart!!!

Here in Episode #96, Kat starts our show with a leadership mindset centering us on being the healing environment; Kat earns her spot as an honorary quality person and walks us through her career going from a trauma nurse in Georgia, to a rural community in Africa, and to a blossoming coach in the world of Reiki; she shares how she followed her passion four years ago to launch the first Integrative Medicine Department within a major Georgia health care system; Kat gives us a great introduction to the universal impact of Reiki; Kat and I draw connections between the foundations of Lean and Reiki; Kat shares five core precepts for us to understand about Reiki; she gives us projections on the future of integrated medicine in the US, and shares resources to get us started within Reiki; Kat encourages us to elevate from a human doing to a human being, and gives us a great framework to get started with launching our own local integrative medicine program.

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