Jennifer Hooks, MBA Mngr. of Performance Improvement

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Jennifer Hooks, MBA Mngr. of Performance Improvement

September 10, 2019

Jennifer Hooks, MBA Mngr. of Performance Improvement

Here in episode #32 Jennifer opens the show with a great leadership mindset, she shares her career journey from the Air Force and into her current leadership role, she highlights the value of Deming’s 14 points of management, and breaks down the cultural differences between military leadership culture and civilian hospital culture, she shares a great tactic for letting teams vent their emotions when launching new projects, she connects a major career aha moment with the tastiest training exercise ever, Jennifer highlights an often overlooked opportunity for healthcare systems to focus on aligning cultures following company mergers, and after reviewing this session I really wish that I had stayed on that topic just a little bit longer. Jennifer then calls on all quality people to become better storytellers and turns our mentor question around and highlights the power of professional sponsorship.

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