Jared Meyers Co-Founder at Augment Health

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Jared Meyers Co-Founder at Augment Health

January 5, 2021

Jared Meyers Co-Founder at Augment Health

Jared is a Co-Founder at Augment Health, a medical device startup focused on bringing patient dignity to the forefront of healthcare. He’s currently studying biomedical engineering at Georgia Tech and has experience in sales, software development, and healthcare robotics. Outside of work, he enjoys soccer, ballroom dance, and fountain pens!

Here in Episode #99, Jared starts our show with a Simon Sinek quote highlighting the leader’s role in setting the team up for success.

Today he is ‘only’ a student, researcher, and budding entrepreneur but we gain more insight into Jared being a future game-changer looking to make an incredible impact on the healthcare industry.

He shares why we need to spend more time focused on the problem, and not the solution.

Jared centers us around making self-care a priority.

He shares best practices that he is learning around reaching out and networking with other leaders.

He highlights his biggest success to date.

Jared teaches us that there are just times when you must just “go for it”.

He tells us why Steve Jobs is one of his biggest influencers.

Jared gives us the top opportunities that healthcare leaderships should have on their radars.

Why developing ways for patients to improve their quality of life provides motivation for his daily work.

And why a little bit of something is better than 100% of nothing.

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