Henry Ruberte, FACHE President / CEO

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Henry Ruberte, FACHE President / CEO

February 2, 2021

Henry Ruberte, FACHE President / CEO

Henry joined the ARMY after graduating from college and was fortunate to be assigned to Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, DC. This is when he decided to grow as a Hospital Executive. His military experience took him also to Brook Army Medical Center in San Antonio, TX, and Dwight Eisenhower Medical Center in Augusta, GA.

He completed his Master’s degree in health services administration and moved to Houston Texas where he began his healthcare career as Manager of Operations of Kelsey Seybold Clinics.

He was later recruited as Director of Patient Services at St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital – Texas Heart Institute in Houston, TX.

For family reasons, moved to Puerto Rico where he’s been blessed with the opportunity to lead the turnaround of five (5) private acute care hospitals ranging from 130 to 268 beds.

Through his efforts, Henry was able to save hundreds of jobs in a fragile economy.

Henry is a Certified Healthcare Executive and holds Fellow status of the American College of Healthcare Executives. He’s served on the Board of Governors of ACHE and was a member of the finance committee. He is also Regent for Puerto Rico, and a founding member and President of the ACHE Puerto Rico Chapter.

Henry is licensed as a Hospital Executive in Puerto Rico, a requirement very unique to the island state, and here in episode #103 Henry opens our show with a mindset centered on leaders developing leaders; Henry shares his background as a well-accomplished healthcare executive, entrepreneur, and military veteran; he introduces us to the world of hospital turnarounds, and shares his approach to supporting organizations through them; Henry tells a story connected to his failed purchase of a hospital; Henry shares why listening and role clarity are essential for his teams; he gives us an Aha moment that equates to my best life as a new entrepreneur; Henry outlines how healthcare is going through a massive period of transformation and calls on quality people to lead this movement; we discuss Puerto Rico’s licensing requirements for healthcare administrators; and please listen as Henry pays respect to our fallen healthcare colleagues.

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