Healthcare on the Mend with Jessica Neyer

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Healthcare on the Mend with Jessica Neyer

November 23, 2021
COPD Podcast by Health Unmuted

Healthcare on the Mend with Jessica Neyer

Meet today’s guest, Jessica Neyer, VP of Strategy for Mend, a telehealth company.  Jessica has a background also in Pharma Sales and Health tech. The focus of her work is the patient journey, how it interacts with the practice of the physician and the organization as a whole.

In this episode, Jessica highlights the role of teamwork and diversity of ideas in innovation, as well as her work so far in telehealth to revolutionize patient experience.

Top Takeaways

• [05:43] Tools that can help healthcare workers learn more about organizations include Crunchbase, which is used to search for particular aspects in healthcare of interest, places related, and opportunities out there. It is however important for workers to first identify what exactly they want. Other recommendations include HLTH newsletters and HIMSS. 

• [11:13] Lessons from experience: Trust your team, you will get incredible support and people will step up.

• [15:33] Focusing solely on work in life can have a detrimental effect on your work due to accumulated fatigue while prioritizing other aspects of life helps to fit in better into the workplace thereby increasing productivity.  

• [17:30] Tools for building intimate team connections: Being able to communicate the purpose of the work team members are doing and how it affects them, goes a long way to motivate them.

• [21:21] Best ‘Aha’ moment: This was coming up with strategies for telehealth patients to be engaged and encouraged to stay while in the waiting room till their physician visit, rather than stare at a blank screen. 

• [28:11] Current challenges in healthcare: Leaders and practitioners trying to decide on whether to continue telehealth need to understand that patients now see the benefits and want to continue. However, there is the challenge of integrating telehealth with real-life consultations. 

• [30:30] Leaders are encouraged to find people that are open to having conversations with others, rather than just sticking with their ideas; ideas from different people push innovation and move the organization forward.  

• [34:28] Jessica’s inspiration comes from the innovation of strategies to replace blank screens in telehealth. In turn, giving teams the understanding behind their work helps her to inspire them. 

• [35:29] Best career advice: Don’t fear the unknown.

• [38:13] It is pivotal to have some form of activity that helps get some release from accumulated work fatigue and stress in order to be a better worker. 

• [39:40] Website recommendation: Crunchbase. 

• [40:07] A professional society recommendation: HIMSS and HLTH. 

• [40:47] Book recommendation: 

• [42:05] Jessica’s message to herself: Enjoy the journey, don’t always be thinking of what in your career is going to come next. 

• [44:26] Embrace the unknown, this will help us move forward personally and professionally. Connect with Jessica

Key Quotes:

 “Nothing ever good came from doing it easy”

 “If you don’t have the patient experience down for your practice, you’re going to lose that patient”

 “80% of patients want to continue doing telehealth post-pandemic”

 “We need to all embrace the unknown and get comfortable with the uncomfortable, now more than ever”

 “Enjoy every moment and be present, because you never know where it’s going to take you”


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