Gary E. Williams Jr., MPA, LSSGB

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Gary E. Williams Jr., MPA, LSSGB

August 18, 2020

Gary E. Williams Jr., MPA, LSSGB

Here in episode #79,  Gary starts our show with a leadership mindset set reminding us that every team member is valuable; He walks us through his career path going from a possible career in politics, then into healthcare, and even taking the stage as a TedX speaker; Gary shares his dark moment story centered on his internal conflicts while managing a team member out of the organization; Gary tells us how starting with Why and defining your objectives is a perfect way to center your project teams for better success; He gives us great lessons learned to dig deeper around the root causes of our project; He teaches us how his team keeps him inspired through the transformation work that he leads; His top career advice that inspires us as quality people to just keep going; And closes our show with a great overview of his approach to professional development.

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