Evita Payton, MSHI, MSHA, LSSBB Quality Consultant

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Evita Payton, MSHI, MSHA, LSSBB Quality Consultant

December 31, 2019

Evita Payton, MSHI, MSHA, LSSBB Quality Consultant

Here in Episode #48, Evita opens our show with a classic quote to help us avoid the mistakes of rework; She then walks us through her career story in going from the marines to Disney, and making her way into healthcare…And as part of that story, she shares how a diagnostic error guided here career path; Evita shares several insights connected to permitting clinical leaders to be more patient-centered within their daily tasks, And shares an impressive team-building technique where she allows groups to jump right into solutions and reverse engineers the problems; Evita shares an impressive aha moment that leads to her earning additional credentials in healthcare informatics; She shares her excitement in the progress being made to foster more patient participation in their own care processes; Evita gives us powerful examples of how investing in people can have tremendous impacts on the personal and professional make-up of our teams, And she illustrates a phenomenal story of leading by example gained from her time in service as a US Marine. Evita, thank you for your service to our country, our healthcare industry, and our podcast to share your story!

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