Elle Pierson RN, MBA, CPXP

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Elle Pierson RN, MBA, CPXP

November 26, 2019

Elle Pierson RN, MBA, CPXP

Here in Episode 43, Elle opens our show with a quote from the great Warren Buffet that leads directly in with our theme for the day; Elle takes us on a great career journey going from frontline clinical work and transitioning into the world of independent healthcare consulting; Grab your pen and paper because throughout the entire show Elle show drops value on top of value with several strategies for us to be aware of in relation to both personal and organizational brand management; You’re going to enjoy learning from Elle given the unique talent and perspective that she brings to our show… so, also be prepared because our normal show script will be taking a back seat to this great discussion; A key takeaway from this episode is that healthcare leader, as well as quality people, should all be keenly aware of the highly influential impact that the digital experience can have for our patients and the immediate communities that our healthcare organizations serve.

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