Dany Anchía, BSN, RN, CDN

The Healthcare QualityCast

Dany Anchía, BSN, RN, CDN

November 19, 2019

Dany Anchía, BSN, RN, CDN

Here in Episode #41, Dany opens our show by sharing how constructive criticism can help to make us all better leaders; He details his career path in going from a dialysis patient care technician and into his current QI leadership role; Dany manages an impressive portfolio of work and shares highlights of his quality improvement activities; he offers us a close look into his deeply personal reflections in what it took for him to fulfill his professional goals; Dany share how he leverages motivation to develop high performing teams; And his AHA moment gained by investing more time with his patients; offers great tips on how non-clinical team members can do the same; and his powerful statements around patients over paperwork;

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