Charlene Hope, PharmD, MS, CPPS  Chief Pharmacy Quality and Safety Officer

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Charlene Hope, PharmD, MS, CPPS Chief Pharmacy Quality and Safety Officer

February 16, 2021

Charlene Hope, PharmD, MS, CPPS Chief Pharmacy Quality and Safety Officer

Dr. Charlene Hope is the Chief Pharmacy Quality and Medication Safety Officer at the University of Chicago Medicine.

Dr. Hope is formally trained in Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety, achieving a Master’s degree from Northwestern University, and is a Certified Professional in Patient Safety.

Over the course of her career, she has focused on developing effective implementation strategies of patient safety and quality improvement initiatives. She led a system-wide initiative focused on the implementation of anticoagulation national patient safety goals within hospitals across the United States. Dr. Hope has worked with interprofessional teams to successfully implement safety strategies to reduce hospital-wide hypoglycemia rates and employed quality improvement methodologies to improve immunization rates.

She is a frequent lecturer at the state and national level on medication safety and pharmacy quality topics. Her current professional pursuits include team dynamics contribution to safety culture, human factors, and re-designing healthcare delivery to error-proof complex systems.

Here in episode #105 Dr. Hope starts our show with a leadership mindset that encourages us to give more, and have a larger impact on our teams; Dr. Hope shares how one QI project and conference presentation launched her career into healthcare quality; She shares insights on her transition from clinical into quality leadership; Dr. Hope highlights a moment of failure that pulls on balancing our emotions while maintaining the highest levels of accountability; She tells us how she leverages Gemba walks and process maps to build relationships; how data analysis will be a huge focus to transition the industry; She highlights the role of telehealth to help expand access across the US; Dr. Hope draws a unique line between healthcare quality and quality of life; Dr. Hope shares a vision on why clinical teams should seek out diverse quality professionals; Her best career advice to establish professional networks; Dr. Hope updates us on the world of medication safety; And how baby steps leads to her ultimate success

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