Building a Sustainable Direct-to-Consumer Pharma Brand with Russell Gong

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Building a Sustainable Direct-to-Consumer Pharma Brand with Russell Gong

September 21, 2021

Building a Sustainable Direct-to-Consumer Pharma Brand with Russell Gong

Russell (Russ) Gong, co-founder of sustainability healthcare brand Cabinet. Russ is a former social entrepreneur and US National Guard, Infantry who also worked in community empowerment. The Cabinet Health brand was born as a result of his vision for a more transparent and sustainable healthcare.

Building a sustainable direct-to-consumer pharma brand the right way is not an easy task, but it’s today’s only option. At the same time, healthcare is impersonal and it shouldn’t be. OTC and pharmacies are very confusing – people wander down the aisles unsure of what to purchase – it shouldn’t be this way and there are new generation entrepreneurs already tackling the challenge.

Here in Episode #136, Russ starts our show with a leadership mindset to persevere through your growth mindset. Russ gives us a great overview of how he brings quality, sustainability, and personal care into every aspect of his startup organization, Cabinet. He shares insights into the personal and professional goals that drive his mission-centered career. Russ highlights how his entrepreneurial journey has deepened his personal resolve for succeeding. 

Russ gives us critical areas of focus that healthcare leadership have on their radar for achieving more sustainable solutions in healthcare; and adds insights on our responsibilities for protecting the environment. Russ breaks down the highest highs and lowest lows while leading his organization. He gives a huge shout-out to the healthcare leaders that have impacted his journey. Russ breaks down the number one challenge and opportunities for emerging healthcare leaders and highlights a business opportunity for professionals looking into the world of sustainable operations. And Russ gives us a straight shot leadership mindset with no hidden contracts.

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