Benjamin Ritter, EdD, MBA, MPH, Internal Leadership Coach

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Benjamin Ritter, EdD, MBA, MPH, Internal Leadership Coach

January 7, 2020

Benjamin Ritter, EdD, MBA, MPH, Internal Leadership Coach

Here in episode #49, Ben kicks off our show with a great leadership mindset to take a human approach to leadership and home in on the internal motivators to truly engage our healthcare teams; Ben highlights his career ups and downs, that leads him from a quality improvement role and into his current entrepreneurial path as a leadership coach and consultant; Ben highlights the top 3 areas of leadership and motivation focus that we as healthcare leaders should have on our radars; He shares the biggest successes and failures from his coaching career, and emphasizes the mindset of being personally accountable for our own job satisfaction; Be ready to take notes as Ben shares his model for personal and professional success as a leader that is centered on trust, environment, assignments, and meaning; He shares a great customer success example centered on balancing burnout and perfectionism with a physician client, And he defines the key attributes of a successful healthcare leader and quality person.

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