Ananya Datta, PNP-AC/PC, MPH, RN & Cherese Pate, BSN, RN, CLNC

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Ananya Datta, PNP-AC/PC, MPH, RN & Cherese Pate, BSN, RN, CLNC

January 12, 2021

Ananya Datta, PNP-AC/PC, MPH, RN & Cherese Pate, BSN, RN, CLNC

Ananya is the CEO & Principal Consultant of Impact Clinical Strategy Consultants which helps Emergency medicine and Urgent Care Centers to improve operations and efficiency. She brings over 10 years of nursing experience to the table.

As a nurse practitioner working in the Emergency Department, she loved troubleshooting and solving operational inefficiencies such as throughput and onboarding of advanced practice providers, as a clinician. This is where her desire to serve healthcare organizations was actualized and she continues to work towards moving the needle as a woman in healthcare.

Cherese is a former emergency department travel nurse with over 20 years of emergency department experience, Cherese had the opportunity of working in the emergency department across the United States.

Those travels allowed Cherese to see the break downs and first-hand challenges many EDs faced on a daily basis. Facing these challenges prompted Cherese to start Cherese Pate Consulting where she is able to help emergency departments, free-standing ERs, and UCC identify performance improvement strategies that transform the patient experience and maximize revenue.

Ananya and Cherese kick off our milestone Episode #100 with a leadership mindset reminding us how hunger can motivate us and how sometimes we must write the story that we want to read;

The ladies introduce themselves and share their impressive backgrounds as healthcare leaders, ER nurses, and entrepreneurs;

They share the most critical elements that healthcare leaders should about emergency room operations, and highlight the 3P framework as a way of achieving sustainable operations;

We discuss a great vision for how healthcare team members can add value to organizations during rough economic times;

Ananya and Cherese share their biggest successes and lessons learned to date, and highlight the values they are gaining as aspiring healthcare entrepreneurs;

The ladies offer a wide range of resources that cover healthcare, leadership development, and entrepreneurship;

They pay tribute to the influencers that have inspired their path to date;

They call out authentic leadership and building diverse teams as must-dos for future healthcare leaders;

And they share their best career advice that is sure to keep us focused on our top life priorities.

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