Amelie Karam Millennial Specialist – Generational Speaker and Consultant

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Amelie Karam Millennial Specialist – Generational Speaker and Consultant

September 22, 2020

Amelie Karam Millennial Specialist – Generational Speaker and Consultant

Amelie Karam provides Millennial insight on how organizations can better understand the Millennial generation to attract and retain top talent. Through her Millennial perspective, research, and entertaining presentation, Amelie will help leaders feel empowered to lead their newest employees to success. By better understanding the Millennial generation, leaders will feel well equipped to bridge generational gaps in their organization.

Here in Episode #84 Amelie starts our show with a great mindset encouraging us to throw out our nets; Amelie highlights the path that led to her career in becoming a Millennial Expert; She provides a detailed overview of the five (5) unique generations working today; Amelie’s gives three (3) key tips for leaders managing multi-generational teams; She teaches us how she uses a “Core List” for team building; She highlights the most important challenge and opportunity for healthcare leaders; And shares one her best career moments…that I’m sharing a recording of below in the show notes. 

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