Finding Inner Peace in a Busy World: A Conversation with Meditation Expert Ann Swanson

The Healthcare Provider Happy Hour

Finding Inner Peace in a Busy World: A Conversation with Meditation Expert Ann Swanson

May 28, 2024

Finding Inner Peace in a Busy World: A Conversation with Meditation Expert Ann Swanson

Struggling with the relentless pace of healthcare? 

In this week’s episode of the Healthcare Provider Happy Hour, I found solace in Ann Swanson’s insights on meditation, a practice that transcended her own battles with chronic pain and anxiety. As the author of “Meditation for the Real World: Finding Peace in Everyday Life,” Ann joined me to debunk the myths surrounding meditation, showing us that it’s an observation of thoughts, rather than their complete cessation. 

Our conversation wove through her journey, revealing the transformative potential meditation holds, even for those of us who feel perpetually strapped for time. We navigated the neurological underpinnings of meditation, touching on its ability to reshape our brains. Ann and I unpacked how the prefrontal cortex and hippocampus blossom with regular practice, equipping listeners with the knowledge to harness these benefits in their own lives. We also tackled the challenge of mind wandering—a natural phenomenon—and shared strategies to refocus attention and cultivate a deeper sense of presence, an invaluable tool for anyone, especially those in high-stress medical environments. 

Ann and I didn’t just stop at the theory; we ventured into the practical, guiding listeners through a one-minute meditation aimed to smooth the transition from work to home. 

Grab your drink of choice and join the conversation!


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