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What you don’t know about your data CAN hurt you | Jeff Garbus | Soaring Eagle – 058

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What you don’t know about your data CAN hurt you | Jeff Garbus | Soaring Eagle – 058

What you don’t know about your data CAN hurt you | Jeff Garbus | Soaring Eagle – 058

How much money would your business lose every second your database is down? How long would it take to get it back up and running? Would you be able to answer these questions on your own? Probably not. That’s why Jeff Garbus started Soaring Eagle Database Consulting. In this episode, Jeff takes us on a fast-paced journey through the ultimate data management insurance process and shares some of the most common issues CIOs get blind-sided by. Don’t lose focus and get your pens out because you will be talking about this with your team first thing tomorrow.

This episode was recorded at the Health IT Expo. You can find more of our coverage of the conference here.

0:33 “I’m a database geek.” – Intro to performance, tuning and scalability.

2:33 CIO’s call me and say, “Give me a check-up!”

3:10 What you don’t know about your data can hurt you! Top 2 things CIOs need to be thinking about right now, so it doesn’t burn you in the future. Is your data retrievable? Data corruption used to be a bug or a bad entry but now it’s a hardware error and needs to be cleaned sooner than later.

5:09 Have your team build tools to find corruption in the database. Do it before you age out your backups. How much data are you prepared to lose is the answer to how often you should do a maintenance check.

7:35 Test your backups! Tell your team you lost a file and see what happens. If they can’t do it, it’s a problem. How to automate this process.

8:57 What to do if your data system just failed.

9:36 All about disaster recovery. How long does it take to restore a database? Is it time to get faster hardware? What’s the business impact of being down?

10:47 Make sure application servers have backups too. They must be able to be brought back from off site. Here is your insurance plan.

12:00 The percentage of companies that close after a data failure is 65%!

12:20 Moving to the cloud only gives you data infrastructure. It provides no index rebuilds, no data management. What do you do without just shifting the problem downstream?

14:00 24/7 operational support can stop your DBAs from getting overwhelmed and reduce turnover.

17:00 How he wrote 20 books in 30 years! Details about his latest book Mining New Gold: Managing Your Business Data

  About Jeff Garbus

Jeff Garbus is the Co-Founder and CEO of Soaring Eagle Database Consulting. Jeff is responsible for the technical direction, vision, image, and long-term growth of the company.

Thirty-plus years ago when Jeff consulted around the country on complex database problems, he observed a need for software to track his client’s database performance from anywhere in the world. Thus, Soaring Eagle was born.

Since then, Jeff has grown Soaring Eagle Database Consulting into a multi-million dollar firm. An expert in MS SQL Servers and SAP ASE (formerly Sybase) SQL Servers, Jeff has written 20 books to date on these subjects in order to help businesses overcome their database issues.

Jeff holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. When he’s not consulting on IT issues, Jeff enjoys playing poker and tennis, traveling with his wife, and spending time with his kids and grandkids.

SQL Server blog:

Webinar rebroadcasts:

  About Soaring Eagle Database Consulting

As a leader, you expect long hours at the office. They’re a hazard of the job. You are all too familiar with with the apologetic phone calls with the kids, telling sweet little Suzy you’ll be at her next dance recital, or promising Billy you’ll make his next soccer game.

Thirty years ago, our founder, Jeff Garbus, was a senior database consultant traveling the country helping exciting companies and interesting people solve their most complex database issues. He loved that the work he did allowed his clients to stop making those dreaded phone calls on account of database problems. What he didn’t love, was making the same phone calls himself.

One day it dawned on him. If he could develop software to track his client’s database performance from anywhere in the world, he could keep doing the work he loved without missing out on the little league games and school performances.

And so, Soaring Eagle Database Consulting ® was born. Jeff hired a team of expert developers and created a proprietary remote database reporting system called Flight. Today, Jeff and his team of DBA gurus still spend time traveling the world to help companies architect and implement database solutions, but now with the software and systems in place, his clients aren’t the only ones spending time enjoying the moments that matter most.

Our services include;

Database performance & tuning Database design and scalability planning Emergency problem solving Migrations & Upgrades Corrupt data restoration Database Mentoring and guidance Database Training & Education Application Development Contract and Permanent Staffing

Our managed services include;

Oversight db – Remote database administration Service 7x24x365! rpm – Remote Performance Management


Contact us at [email protected] or give us a call at (813)641-3434 to see what we can do for you!

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