The Right Kind of Patient Education – Stacey Richter – QCHealth – 065

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The Right Kind of Patient Education – Stacey Richter – QCHealth – 065

What a patient does at home during the time between doctor visits has the largest effect on the outcome of their care. The instructions doctors and nurses give patients at…
July 26, 2018

The Right Kind of Patient Education – Stacey Richter – QCHealth – 065

What a patient does at home during the time between doctor visits has the largest effect on the outcome of their care. The instructions doctors and nurses give patients at the point of care varies greatly and give health systems an opportunity. Stacey Richter, Co-President of Aventria Health Group and host of The Relentless Health Value podcast joins me to talk about her new company QCHealth and how patient education can have a huge affect on quality metrics.

2:04 Are we defining patient education?

4:02 What is outcome guided engagement?- care plan is series of outcomes, how do we get people to remember what we’re saying, sometimes they don’t remember appointments either.

7:30 What does evidence based medicine say are engagement opportunities along the patient pathway?

9:40 What needs to happen during that moment in time? Does the patient know the WHY behind their treatment plan?

13:20 Patient education is currently everywhere. It’s a commodity. But education needs to be medically accurate, culturally competent, the right language, ect. How do we reduce variability of care?

15:55 If patient education materials are from an association, often times it’s very disease specific and not patient or context appropriate. How do you treat a newly diagnosed patient vs some patient who has had the disease for years?

18:25 Nurses EHR skills to find the appropriate patient education is essential to get patient the info they need at the point of care.

21:07 The missing piece is patient education that facilitates movement through care plan and empowers the patient to be an advocate of their own care.

23:17 What strategies are there to address the patients that might not be willing or able to engage with their care plan.

25:30 Do docs and nurses think of this as high value care?

29:15 What QCHealth is focused on is ensuring the patient education is understanding the Why so that they can better contribute to their care.

35:22 Avoid unnecessary tests that may find conditions that would have otherwise not needed treatment.

37:57 Aventria is focusing on the shared priorities between different players in the healthcare marketplace.

42:19 We use feedback loops and gather context that helps us get your providers to be more engaged with patient education.

45:55 Getting the right information available at the right time for the practitioner to give it to that patient.

47:26 The missing link to engagement and what’s most important but always overlooked is the taxonomy in the care plan that gets you not just any information but the right information.


About Stacey Richter

Co-President, Principal at Aventria® Health Group

Stacey has 20+ years as a health care strategist and innovator specializing in niche market engagement, raising above-brand performance, and HIT-integrated programs. She is the host of Relentless Health Value, a weekly interview podcast for leaders at payers, providers, employers, life sciences, health tech, and patient advocacy organizations.

About Aventria® Health Group

Aventria® Health Group, LLC, is the parent company of Franklyn Healthcom, LLC; Pinnacle Health Communications, LLC; and QCHealth, LLC. The combination of these entities has created one of the largest, most experienced and innovative customer acquisition and engagement agencies serving large employers, pharmaceutical, medical device, and other health care clients. Providing a full continuum of services from access strategies to EHR-integrated pull-through, Aventria® represents an unmatched combination of expertise and creative/technological innovation.

Aventria® Health Group’s mission statement is “Making a difference in patient care by helping patients, providers, and payers collaborate on shared priorities.” For more information, visit

About QCHealth™

QCHealth™ is a mission-driven organization dedicated to improving patient outcomes through patient education that is provider-friendly to use. The organization developed a uniquely simple technology to facilitate Outcomes Guided Engagements™ at key points within evidence-based care plans. With no business associate agreement or data exchange required, nurses and physicians can effectively counsel patients and encourage shared decision making. Patients are empowered, and providers are supported.

For more information, visit

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