HIMSS18-07 | Miki Kapoor | Tea Leaves Health

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HIMSS18-07 | Miki Kapoor | Tea Leaves Health

This interview is part of our coverage. We'll be talking with thought leaders and vendors all week at the annual Health Information Management Society conference in Las Vegas. On this…
March 12, 2018

HIMSS18-07 | Miki Kapoor | Tea Leaves Health

This interview is part of our HIMSS18 coverage. We’ll be talking with thought leaders and vendors all week at the annual Health Information Management Society conference in Las Vegas.

On this episode, we chat with Miki Kapoor, President of Tea Leaves Health. We discuss:

  • How consumer engagement is driving health system strategy
  • The challenge of balancing fee for service and value-based revenue streams as the system continues to transform
  • The importance of establishing a direct and continuous feedback loop with your patients. 

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About Miki Kapoor

With two decades of experience exclusively in healthcare – operations, finance, strategy and policy – Miki Kapoor has a notably broad perspective on the U.S. healthcare system.

Most recently, Mr. Kapoor was the President of Everyday Health, a publicly-traded company that was acquired in a $465 million transaction in 2016. As part of aggressively scaling Everyday Health while moving the company toward utilizing vast amounts of consumer and medical data for effective patient and physician communication, Mr. Kapoor acquired Tea Leaves Health for Everyday Health in 2015. Today, Mr. Kapoor serves as Chief Executive Officer of Tea Leaves Health.

Mr. Kapoor’s experience also includes serving as Head of the Global Payer & Provider Division as well as Global Head of Strategy for IMS Health, having joined as part of the $5 billion take-private of IMS Health. That transaction later resulted in the IPO of the company in 2014, in what is considered one of the most successful and largest turnarounds in healthcare private equity history. He has served as Senior Expert for McKinsey & Company and Executive Vice President, Health Systems and Health Finance for the Clinton Foundation while living in Africa and India. He started his career with almost a decade on Wall Street as an investment banker focused on payers and providers, healthcare information technology, and healthcare services.

Miki Kapoor attended graduate school at Yale University, where he received both an MBA in Finance and an MPH in Health Policy. He is a graduate of Washington University in Saint Louis, where he received a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences. He is a Fulbright Fellow, formerly a visiting professor at two universities, and sits on the boards of several healthcare organizations. He is passionate about public and private healthcare and believes there are substantial and achievable improvements that can be made to change the quality, access, and cost equations for patients.

About Tea Leaves Health

Tea Leaves Health, a Welltok company, transforms the way healthcare executives manage their business through a platform that provides the total information awareness and business intelligence needed to achieve strategic growth, effective physician engagement strategies and increased revenue. Tea Leaves Health combines a deep understanding of healthcare business development with the technical savvy to deliver strategic success for healthcare organizations of any size. The proprietary Patientology™, Physicianology™ and Decisionology™ software tools easily transform internal and external data into immediately actionable information for multiple leadership levels. While working with clients to develop measurable and successful growth initiatives, Tea Leaves Health strives to provide the best software, strategic consultation and support in the industry.

Tea Leaves Health joined the Welltok family in 2017. Welltok is the leading consumer health enterprise Software as a Service company that enables population health managers to target and connect consumers to personalized health improvement resources, helping individuals achieve and sustain their optimal health.

Today, Tea Leaves Health is one of the largest strategic growth vendors and works with over 500 hospitals including 8 of the top 20 hospitals in the country.



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