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Environmental Infection Control with Sodexo at HITS 2019

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Environmental Infection Control with Sodexo at HITS 2019

September 18, 2019

Environmental Infection Control with Sodexo at HITS 2019

The costs and human impact of healthcare-associated infections (HAI) are well known and have been well documented on this show. And as we’ve seen there are industry best practices and proven science to help us prevent and control HAIs. Yet, running an Environmental Services (EVS) unit at a hospital is no easy task. How do you pick the right people, and train and retain them? What products should you use? How should you use them? How will you stay on top of the constantly changing regulatory landscape? And how will you keep up with the evolving science, technology, and best practices to ensure you’re doing all you can to protect your patients?

On this episode, we talk with Brooke Hossfeld, Infection Prevention Specialist and Jeff Bennett, Director of Marketing about Sodexo Healthcare’s infection control protocol, Protecta. With Protecta, Sodexo Healthcare aims to address infection control at acute-care hospitals with a full-service model that covers staffing, training, product, procedure and best practice research, and outcomes measurement. Brooke and Jeff explain why this type of service is needed, tell us about the results so far, and share their insights on where the industry is headed next.

This episode is sponsored by the Healthcare Infection Transmission System (HITS) Consortium. For the second year in a row, The #HCBiz Show had the honor and privilege of being a media partner for the annual HITS Conference. Last year we were in Nashville – check out the episodes we recorded there. This year, we attended HITS 2019 in Buffalo, NY.

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Thank you to Christine Greene, Kelly Reynolds, Savanah Hatt, John LaRochelle, and Michael Diamond, along with the entire HITS Consortium for the work you’re doing to protect our families and our communities. The battle against healthcare-associated infections can only be won through collaboration, and from what I’ve seen in working with you all for the past few years, HITS is bringing the best ideas and brightest minds together to do just that.

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