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A Playbook for Social Care Providers with Juliette Price

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A Playbook for Social Care Providers with Juliette Price

A Playbook for Social Care Providers with Juliette Price

The quantification of how social determinants effect health has finally put enough pressure on healthcare organizations to force action. Finally discovering what social workers have known for years, the health sector is on the verge of providing a permanent revenue stream for Social Care Organizations who previously relied on grants and charitable donations. For your organization to develop health partnerships, Juliette Price from Helgerson Solutions Group says you need to answer three questions as clearly and completely as possible.

First, What problems are you trying to solve and how do you propose solving it?

Second, Who is your target population?

And Third, How do you measure your impact?

Clarifying this value proposition is the only way to allow hospitals and health systems to calculate how much money you will actually save them and ultimately how many lives will be improved.

This is a wide ranging conversation and with lots of great takeaways. Enjoy!

Highlights from “A Playbook for Social Care Providers”

  • Cross sector learning networks – who already solved your problem?
  • Doctors are not trained to solve hunger and homelessness. Social referrals are not the same as medical referrals.
  • A common language to share your mental model of the system.
  • Hospitals are nonprofits. Applebee’s is a community based organization. If you provide social care, honor yourself with the title: Social Care Organization.

“This is really the moment for social care providers to start understanding their value in this ecosystem… Define what you do, define the value you bring, and then ultimately bring that to a healthcare partner.

  • The huge opportunity for Social Care Organizations: It’s not just housing or employment or criminal justice, it’s everything.
  • This is about designing a better community.
  • If someone had figured it out, we would have replicated it by now.
  • The difference between charity and system change.
  • Philanthropy in a value based word.

“The age of big data has washed over us and we have been left drowning in data and starving for insight.”

Juliette Price, Solutions Architect – Social Determinants of Health

Juliette is working to bring health care and social sector partners together in new ways to deliver results for end users.

Juliette previously served as the director of The Albany Promise, a cross-sector, collective impact partnership of 100+ organizations in Albany, New York that focused on improving economic mobility for the city’s most vulnerable youth and families using shared vision, collective action, and rigorous continuous improvement. The partnership was widely recognized as leading the nation in the field of collective impact. Juliette was awarded the White House Champion of Change award in 2016 from the President Barack Obama Administration for her work in this field.

Previously, she worked for the Chancellor of the State University of New York, the nation’s largest, most comprehensive system of higher education, managing various aspects of the education pipeline and multiple initiatives related to teacher education, statewide education policy, and led the development and implementation of the New York State Master Teacher Program, a program which created a state-wide network of the highest-performing STEM teachers that are dedicated to sharing expertise with peers and attracting the brightest minds to a career in STEM. She staffed Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s New NY Education Reform Commission, which brought together nationally-recognized education, community, and business leaders to recommend reforms to the state’s education system in order to improve performance in the classroom so that all of New York’s students are fully prepared for their futures.

Helgerson Solutions Group

Helgerson Solutions Group is an international consulting firm dedicated to finding solutions to today’s most complex large-scale challenges in health care, social care, and education in communities around the world. 

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