031: Real Relationships and Genuine Connections with Michelle Powell

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031: Real Relationships and Genuine Connections with Michelle Powell

December 28, 2020

031: Real Relationships and Genuine Connections with Michelle Powell

People all crave love and belonging. The important thing to remember though, is to strive for healthy relationships and not allowing unhealthy patterns to develop in our lives. 

However, as adults we sometimes let all the trauma and stress of life stop us from letting people into our lives and cultivating a friendly or romantic relationship.

In this episode, Michelle Powell and I discuss the different factors that we have to navigate through when it comes to relationships—the stories in our heads, choosing quality over quantity, deciding whether to be vulnerable or not, online dating, love languages, and finding a balance between our feminine and masculine sides.


  • Michelle’s work (03:41)
  • We all need true connections, love and belonging (4:50)
  • Personal and professional trauma makes us hesitate in having relationships (6:57)
  • The impact of core values on relationships (8:34)
  • We all have stories in our heads based on past relationships (10:34)
  • We build emotional armour to protect our vulnerable parts (12:33)
  • You’ve grown and aren’t the same person you once were (13:55)
  • Is it important to know your emotional triggers are before entering a new relationship? (14:30)
  • We need to stay aligned with our integrity and be self aware of our boundaries (16:11)
  • Boundaries can shift as you grow because it could be just you playing safe (18:16)
  • Disposable vs authentic relationships (21:04)
  • Online dating has its place in our society today but everything still depends on knowing your worth (23:10)
  • Know your love languages (25:01)
  • Females and males can see things in different ways so communication is key (29:24)
  • When females tap too much into the masculine side (32:26)
  • Societal pressures on women (35:26)
  • Finding a balance between the feminine and masculine sides (38:40)
  • Two-way communication is important, even though people find it hard to do (43:16)
  • It’s okay to take small steps at a time (47:59)
  • Have quality relationships without judgment (49:50)


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