Being a neonatologist and a mother

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Being a neonatologist and a mother

February 5, 2021

Being a neonatologist and a mother

“Being a neonatologist and a mother is living with the knowledge that the question ‘What would you do?’ could so easily become real, not hypothetical.  And so what would I do? I don’t know, heartbroken mama. Because I feel too much, but I don’t feel enough. Because I know too well, but I don’t know at all. Being a neonatologist and a mother means sitting in those painful, fearful spaces of uncertainty, at a loss for what to say because I know that nothing I could ever say will be enough.

And so I just sit. In that space. With that other mother.”

Diana Montoya-Williams is a neonatologist.

She shares her story and discusses her KevinMD article, “Being a neonatologist and a mother.” (

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