Strategies for building a thriving FB group with Dr. Sharon McLaughlin

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Strategies for building a thriving FB group with Dr. Sharon McLaughlin

January 11, 2021

Strategies for building a thriving FB group with Dr. Sharon McLaughlin

On this episode, I’ll discuss strategies to build a thriving Facebook group with special guest, Dr. Sharon McLaughlin.

Are you struggling to grow your Facebook group? Do you feel lost and awkward when networking? We will discuss than and provide actionable tips on how you can build an amazing Facebook group of your own.

In the episode, we we discuss:

#1  Dr. Sharon's story.

#2  The top three factors that have contributed to the growth of her FB group.

#3 How her group has stood the test of time (it’s almost four years old!) 

#4  How Dr. Sharon leverages the power of networking. 

#5 Advice for someone who is thinking about starting a Facebook group.

 Listener spotlight of the week

Tracey, MD

Love it!

Thanks Dr. Una, I love your podcast! It’s so inspiring and motivating… I really look forward to commuting with you to work every Monday morning! I love that I always walk away with some real actionable things I can do to move forward in business or in life or often both. Thanks!!!

Thank you Dr. Tracey for your kind review, and I am so happy I get to join you on your Monday commute! 😊

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