47: Hyperkalemia Cardiac Arrest Part 2: Treatment

Rapid Response RN

47: Hyperkalemia Cardiac Arrest Part 2: Treatment

March 29, 2023

47: Hyperkalemia Cardiac Arrest Part 2: Treatment

Today we are diving deeper into hyperkalemia cardiac arrest as we present you with part two of last week’s episode where we talked about our hyperkalemia case study Ms. Wanda. If you haven’t already, we highly recommend you check out episode 46!

Ever heard of the hyperkalemia cocktail? This cocktail, when administered in the correct order and the correct way, can help temporarily shoot the potassium back into the cell and lower the serum potassium. Disclaimer here, this treatment does not fix your patient’s potassium, it only buys you time.

In today’s episode you will hear what these cocktails of drugs are, when and how to administer them, how they affect potassium excretion, and much more!

Tune in for some sciency fun and helpful nursing tips! 

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Treating the source and options for potassium excretion
  • Cocktail of drugs that shift potassium out of the bloodstream
  • The order to administer the cocktail of drugs and what each one does
  • How calcium prevents hyperkalemia induced arrhythmias
  • Nursing considerations for calcium administration
  • Tips for IV insulin administration
  • When to consider re-dosing the patient with the cocktail
  • How much albuterol to administer and its effects
  • Best way to administer bicarb to an acidotic patient
  • They normal saline vs lactated ringers debate for fluid resuscitation

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