Ep 6 –  “Removing Pain and Subconscious Blocks Through Energy Healing” with Khala Syslo

Powerful and Passionate Healthcare Professionals Podcast

Ep 6 – “Removing Pain and Subconscious Blocks Through Energy Healing” with Khala Syslo

July 22, 2020

Ep 6 – “Removing Pain and Subconscious Blocks Through Energy Healing” with Khala Syslo

In today’s episode, you will meet Khala Syslo. She is a metaphysical healer, intuitive dog trainer, life coach, and gypsy. She was also the lead discharge planner for the Psychiatric Hospital of Houston and had to take on some difficult cases. In 2015 her journey into self-discovery through her pain and trauma, overweight, and bedridden. After her doctors gave up hope on her, she learned to lift herself and was able to no longer take 32 medications a day. She specializes in teaching people how to heal their life and learn what their soul purpose is, through utilizing meditation techniques and quantum healing methods; that allow you to interact with your subconscious mind to unblock your blessings through engaging your imagination through story-telling!

During our interview, she shows you a powerful visualization exercise to understand your soul purpose and remove subconscious blocks from your life so you can live a purposeful life.

You can find her show “Breath of Light REBORN” on YouTube:

To connect with Khala Syslo find her links below:



Email: [email protected] 

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