Ep 10 – “Brand Yourself as an Expert that No One Can Compete” with Mark Lack

Powerful and Passionate Healthcare Professionals Podcast

Ep 10 – “Brand Yourself as an Expert that No One Can Compete” with Mark Lack

August 19, 2020

Ep 10 – “Brand Yourself as an Expert that No One Can Compete” with Mark Lack

Mark Lack is the go-to person for personal branding and marketing for celebrities and small business owners. From self-education and mentors in business, he had gone from being an extreme pro paintball player to entrepreneurship and make millions within 5 years. 

Ever since Mark can remember as a little kid he always dreamed big, wanted to make something out of his life and enjoyed making people feel good. However, he was labeled a failure early on in school by his teachers and peers because he wasn’t passionate about what he was being taught in class and so he struggled immensely all throughout school.  

He then committed to self-mastery after hearing one of Tony Robbin’s speeches. Almost 10 years have passed by and he never takes one day off without learning and growing in some way. This, he believes, is one of the biggest keys to success. Always learn, always grow, always teach. This philosophy has allowed him to become a best-selling author, a self-made millionaire in my twenties, international speaker, Entrepreneur’s Top Ranked Personal Branding expert, and partner and host of the largest business show in America, Business Rockstars; Which is broadcasted on television and tens of millions of screens on airline companies like Delta.

His favorite quote is “pain pushes until the vision pulls.”

To find out more about Mark and his services, visit

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