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Leading the 3D Bioprinting Revolution

Passionate Pioneers with Mike Biselli

Leading the 3D Bioprinting Revolution

Leading the 3D Bioprinting Revolution

In episode 12, we spent time with an internationally recognized entrepreneur, engineer and inventor.

Michael Golway is the President and CEO of Advanced Solutions Life Sciences and has dedicated his company to the discovery, design, and development of integrated software and hardware solutions for the fields of science that involve living organisms, molecular biology, and biotechnology.

In short, Michael and his team are helping lead the global 3D bioprinting revolution through proprietary, cutting-edge and innovative technology that is turning this new and nascent industry into reality.

During this episode, Michael shared his history as an entrepreneur and some of the terrifying moments of building companies from scratch, and how his almost ten year old company and bioprinting platform is perfectly positioned to empower scientists and innovators around the world to uncover new discoveries in their pursuits to bring a new health paradigm to the human race.

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I want to thank Michael and his team for their relentless pursuit and passion to unlock the mysteries of the human body and to discover new ways to bring physical health to so many people around the world. In personally knowing Michael, I have no doubt he will achieve his mission he discusses during the episode. I hope you join Michael and his team during their pioneering journey for mankind!

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