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Engineering Artificial Intelligence to Detect Skin Cancer

Passionate Pioneers with Mike Biselli

Engineering Artificial Intelligence to Detect Skin Cancer

Engineering Artificial Intelligence to Detect Skin Cancer

In this episode 13, we spoke with a machine learning engineer turned entrepreneur and startup founder.

Charu Singhal is the Founder and CEO of Etta, an artificial intelligence engine that uses massive data-sets of hospital-verified images to provide data-driven skin insight.

During this episode, Charu discussed her journey as a machine learning engineer and how her previous pursuits have led her to Founding Etta and the life saving results the technology has already demonstrated.

Additionally, Charu outlines where her team is planning on applying their artificial intelligence expertise within other disciplines of the healthcare industry

Lastly, Charu shares how our listening community can implement simple tactics to adopt proper skin monitoring techniques for themselves and their loved ones.

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I want to thank and celebrate Charu and her team for building their life-saving technology. While Etta is still considered a startup, their company has already screened almost 3,000 people and has saved over forty lives!

After listening to this episode, it is my hope you will connect with Charu and her team to help further propel their startup that is making an impact in so many communities across the nation.

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