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Enabling Patient Ride Coordination

Passionate Pioneers with Mike Biselli

Enabling Patient Ride Coordination

Enabling Patient Ride Coordination

In episode 22, we invited a dear friend onto the podcast and someone who is a transformative force of good for our healthcare industry and the nation!

Imran Cronk is the Founder and CEO of Ride Health, a technology platform that partners with healthcare organizations and transportation providers to manage transportation benefits for patients in need.

During our time together, Imran shared a very personal and touching story of seeing a discharged patient from a hospital that had no ride home and the a-ha moment that occurred from that experience and how that led him to found his high-growth startup.

Imran also detailed the massive financial burden and the detrimental physical and mental impact patients experience when transportation is not available.

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I want to thank him and the entire Ride Health team for their inspiring work and mission of the organization: that no person should have to forego healthcare- or basic social needs- because they cannot get there. It is my hope you will continue to support these passionate pioneers as they drive better health outcomes in our communities across the country.

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