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A Global Sober Tribe Builder After 15 Years of Addiction

Passionate Pioneers with Mike Biselli

A Global Sober Tribe Builder After 15 Years of Addiction

A Global Sober Tribe Builder After 15 Years of Addiction

In episode 9, we spoke with a senior corporate executive and entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in healthcare consulting and software development, and is a recovering addict.

After battling addiction for 15 years, Matt Seefeld started his company, myLifeLink. myLifeLink is empowering those who are actively dealing with addiction to connect and engage with other recovering addicts, and receive guidance and support in their journey to abstinence.

Additionally, myLifeLink is being used by care providers, hospitals and behavorial health clinics as a recovery tool to help and support their patients to achieve positive and long-term success with their care plan.

During our time together, Matt courageously shared his very personal story of pain and despair and how he has triumphed to now lead a global sober tribe, through the community he has created and the technology his team has built.

Toward the end of the podcast, Matt shared several action items how others can plug into his community and receive help, both for people seeking answers and the family members and friends that are dedicated to supporting them.

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