Advancing Human Imaging with a Smartphone with Vlado Bosanac

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Advancing Human Imaging with a Smartphone with Vlado Bosanac

October 10, 2022

Advancing Human Imaging with a Smartphone with Vlado Bosanac

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Episode Overview: 

Recognizing the smartphone as one of the most significant pieces of technology ever invented, our next guest has made it his life’s pursuit to leverage this technology to bring fundamental change to how people understand their health. 

Vlado Bosanac, Co-Founder & Head of Strategy at Advanced Human Imaging, joins us to discuss how his company has developed a proprietary dimensioning innovation that enables users to privately and accurately check, track, and assess their body dimensions and composition using only a smartphone.

Additionally, Vlado shares how advancements in mathematics, computer vision, and artificial intelligence have fueled his company’s human scanning technology to become a leading global innovation.

Join us for this fascinating conversation as Vlado shares where Advanced Human Imaging is today and what is in store for the future as he and his team advance human imaging with a smartphone! Let’s go! 

Episode Highlights:

  • How Advanced Human Imaging began
  • The technologies and innovations needed to enable Vlado’s company
  • Vlado’s vision for Advanced Human Imaging 
  • How consumers can help improve Advanced Human Imaging 


About our Guest: 

Vlado Bosanac is an accomplished business leader & advisor with over 30 years experience across a range of sectors including bio-medical devices, technology, and healthcare. Vlado co-founded MyFiziq in 2014, now known as AHI. Vlado has been passionately showcasing and demonstrating our amazing technology all over the world and believes it will bring fundamental change to how people understand their health and the risks they post to themselves through their lifestyle.

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