Peter Crane, Venture Investor at Outsized Ventures

Outcomes Rocket

Peter Crane, Venture Investor at Outsized Ventures

October 1, 2021

Peter Crane, Venture Investor at Outsized Ventures

In today’s episode of the Outcomes Rocket Pharma, we are privileged to have Peter Crane, a venture investor at Outsized Ventures, an early-stage VC fund based in London that partners with founders pushing the boundaries of science and technology to solve the world’s greatest challenges. Peter shares his fund’s mission to invest in science and engineering-focused companies and the capital partner role they plan in scaling the businesses and bring them to market. Unlike other VC funds that take a long time to process, Peter emphasized Outsized Ventures release funds in a quick and unfussy way, enabling innovators and companies to achieve full potential at a faster pace. He also shares his thoughts on opportunities he has seen across drug discovery and e-tech healthcare and changes the value chain will go through as the new modalities enter the market. Join us and listen to this fascinating interview with Peter Crane!

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