Hilario Castillo, Founder, Innovative Neurons LLC

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Hilario Castillo, Founder, Innovative Neurons LLC

August 18, 2021

Hilario Castillo, Founder, Innovative Neurons LLC

Needle stick injury is one of the most common injuries that happen to healthcare workers.

In this episode,  we are privileged to feature Hilario Castillo, Founder, and CEO of Innovative Neurons. He is the inventor of the Fast Access Safety Technology (F.A.ST) Syringe, a revolutionary syringe that has unique time-saving and safety features.

Hilario shares the genesis of his invention and company and some of the challenges he faced in putting the product on the market. He discusses F.A.S.T.’s special features and how it saves time and decreases risk to all healthcare workers. We also cover his thoughts and insights on nurse entrepreneurs, nurse-led innovations, and the importance of recognizing nurses’ solutions.

This is an exciting conversation packed with amazing stories and insights, so please tune in!

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