Funding Healthcare’s Data Revolution with

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Funding Healthcare’s Data Revolution with

November 10, 2022

Funding Healthcare’s Data Revolution with

Many have asked the question: is digital health worth investing in? It’s time to answer it candidly. 

In this episode of Memora Health Care Delivery Podcast, we welcome Todd Cozzens, Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Transformation Capital, a growth equity investment firm specializing in healthcare IT and services. Todd fell into the healthcare industry by accident. When trying to fund his sailing training for the Olympics, he gradually realized the potential digital health had, leading him to embark on an entrepreneurial journey of investment in innovation for healthcare taking him to where he is today. He discusses why investing in digital health brings the future of healthcare faster, the promise of value-based care, and what he believes will be just as revolutionary as EMRs were back when they were first introduced.

Tune in to learn from Todd’s perspective about his journey investing in healthcare’s future and what it will bring to the industry. 

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