Education and Incubation of Nurse-led Innovation

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Education and Incubation of Nurse-led Innovation

May 19, 2021

Education and Incubation of Nurse-led Innovation

In this episode of the SONSIEL series, we are privileged to feature two amazing nurse leaders, Hiyam Nadel and Marion Leary. Hiyam is the Director of the Center for Innovations and Care Delivery at Massachusetts General Hospital, and Marion is the Director of Innovation at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Nursing.

Marion shares what they are doing at Penn Nursing to integrate innovation into the curriculum and beyond for their nursing students. Hiyam discusses how she helps mentor nurses, teaching them design thinking and human-centered design. She shares how solving problems in healthcare helps nurses bring back joy and empowerment to the front line. Our guests also talked about the role of nursing in improving health outcomes and business. They cited examples of when their nursing teams provided solutions to problems, covered the need to educate nursing in innovation early, and hyperfocused on funding. There are so many pearls to be learned in the conversation so please tune in!

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