April 7th Deadline – YPO A+ Accelerator Cohort 3 Invites you to Apply!

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April 7th Deadline – YPO A+ Accelerator Cohort 3 Invites you to Apply!

April 1, 2021

April 7th Deadline – YPO A+ Accelerator Cohort 3 Invites you to Apply!

In this episode, we host Chris Dimock, the Chairman of the YPO Leadership Development and Women’s Business Network.  The YPO Leadership Development and Women’s Business Networks are collaborating to produce the third successful A+ Accelerator program which is now open for applications. They are looking for early-stage companies interested in applying. The program is designed to accelerate the growth of early-stage companies with sustainable values through superior YPO mentorship and access to YPO resources.

Pat LaPointe, Founder of Frontier Angels, is the facilitator and they designed the program to help participants create a significant number of high-paying jobs in local communities across multiple regions of the world by accelerating their path to maturity and success.

The program is free to participating entrepreneurs and is designed to provide them with expert training on topics critical to startup success, along with world-class, global mentorship that only YPO can provide.

If you or someone you know are in some way connected to a startup that would benefit from the program, please have them apply through the link below.

If you are a YPO member interested in mentoring the participating companies, they would love to have you join as a mentor. Please see the detailed information below, or contact Chris with any questions.  [email protected]

The calendar is organized around 3 work-sessions each week: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday for 3 hours.  The program will run in the morning hours in Australiasia. 8 am Tokyo time. Session 1 is on April 13th and the final session is on May 14th. For those in the Americas region, it will be the evening before. NYC 7 pm; LA 4 pm. Sessions are from 3 May – 3 June 2021

Deadline to submit: 7 April 2021

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