“The System” – What Is It Good for? Absolutely Something, Maybe?

Out of Patients with Matthew Zachary

“The System” – What Is It Good for? Absolutely Something, Maybe?

January 5, 2021

“The System” – What Is It Good for? Absolutely Something, Maybe?

On the show today, Alan Balch, CEO at the Patient Advocate Foundation and the National Patient Advocate Foundation. After we reconcile that Alan is one of the few people actually doing what they studied in college, and without triggering his inner political economist, we talk about the fundamental question: Why do patient advocate groups even need to exist in the first place? After all, if they did what they’re supposed to do, there wouldn’t even be a need. But there is. When we say the words “the system,” it always implies an ominous, immovable, intractable and unwieldy, monolith. Is “the system” everything we think? A consumer supply-chain funnel of supply-only mechanics that no one person ever desires to become part of? Seriously, who can’t wait to get chemo one day and fight with their insurance company? Who? I’ll wait. Alan and I go on to deconstruct the phrase “healthcare is a right,” banter about the forensic insanity behind how their case management and financial assistance mechanics work on behalf of millions. Also, who stands to profit in some magical unicorn world where every cancer patient is guaranteed protections to ensure they get to determine their own outcomes without dealing with FINANCIAL TOXICITY? Enjoy the show.

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