The One With Lisa Simms Booth

Out of Patients with Matthew Zachary

The One With Lisa Simms Booth

August 17, 2021

The One With Lisa Simms Booth

On the show today: Lisa Simms Booth is Executive Director at The Smith Center for the Healing Arts and former Senior Director for Patient and Public Engagement at The Biden Cancer Initiative. She is such an extraordinary human being who’ve I’ve wanted her on my show for such a long time and, well, here she is. Lisa has this extraordinary way to define and extoll the virtues of cancer survivorship, how far we’ve come in the last half-century, lessons learned from the pandemic for Nonprofit Leadership, cancer screenings, prevention, and more.

FUN FACT: The Smith Center occupies a unique place in my life as they hosted one of the very first Stupid Cancer Happy Hour events in DC in 2007. It’s a great place, so if you live in the DC area, be sure to check them out.

SIDENOTE: For the cheap seats in the back, many of you may recognize The Smith Center from Episode 81 with my guest, Dr. Julia Rowland, who serves as their Senior Strategic Advisor. (Julia is also the Founding Director of The National Cancer Institute’s Office of Cancer Survivorship. You can hear her share her story as one of the contributors to The Cancer Mavericks, our eight-part docu-series about the history of cancer survivorship.

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