The One With Brian Loew

Out of Patients with Matthew Zachary

The One With Brian Loew

October 29, 2020

The One With Brian Loew

Today, on the show, another fantastic “Wayback machine” episode with Brian Loew, CEO of Inspire. Brian is of the early adopter pioneers of what we now call digital health, which has spawned the current spate of myriad online patient communities, each of whom creates safe spaces of support and engenders the necessary lifehackery to make whatever it is that you’re there for suck a little less. As someone who is currently doing nothing even remotely related to what he studied in undergraduate, Brian and I commiserate on how meaningful his BA and BS in Physics and Economics have come in just so handy these days. Listen in as we debate the semantic virtues or lack thereof in “consumer protection vs. patient-centric care, ” opine on the state of the state facing communities of color, how Inspire is addressing disparities, and the abuse of patients by hospitals, healthcare systems, and the insurance industry happening in plain sight. And prepare yourself for some serious name dropping as we hop in our Delorean, channel life before social media, and give credit where credit is due — to the original gang of upstart rapscallions that comprised the Health 2.0 movement. Enjoy the show. Learn more at

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