The De-Jargoning Episode with Dr. Joe Abdo

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The De-Jargoning Episode with Dr. Joe Abdo

November 3, 2020

The De-Jargoning Episode with Dr. Joe Abdo

There are missed connections, and then there are missed connections. And this one’s a doozie. Like me, Dr. Joe Abdo was diagnosed with brain cancer in 1996 and — somehow — 25 years later, is still here. Like me, Dr. Joe Abdo’s birthday is May 29th. And like me, it took us way too long to get our lives back in order only to meet 15 years later, grateful that the universe finally brought us together, and kick off an incredibly kismet Gemini friendship. Even weirder – and this is just icing on the cake — his office is literally three doors down the block here on Fulton Street in downtown Manhattan. In any case, you’re going to like this episode not just because it’s an incredibly organic reunion conversation amongst cancer buddies but because Joe is definitely someone who should be on your radar. His pioneering work in genomics, immunotherapy, and biotechnology have helped millions of patients facing rare cancers in the gastrointestinal space. And his company, Stella Dx, is invested in educating physicians about giving their patients choice in diagnostics and testing so they can live their lives and deal with their stuff on their terms. I also feel that my Schoolhouse Rock Kung Fu was especially strong on this show because Joe likes to use lots of syllables. Enjoy the show.

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