The Accidental Patient Radvocate: Christine Hodgdon

Out of Patients with Matthew Zachary

The Accidental Patient Radvocate: Christine Hodgdon

July 28, 2020

The Accidental Patient Radvocate: Christine Hodgdon

Christine Hodgdon is a globe-trotting, human Fodor conservation biologist turned patient “radvocate” (that would be my neologism for radical advocate) by way of her enduring the loss of her father to rare cancer at the same time of her own Dx of Stage IV Metastatic Cancer AND Thyroid Cancer. Gesundheit! She was 34. Among many other interesting things, we talk about the gaps in cancer research that exist because the patients are not involved. Guys? We’re the end user here. Dear Pharma: It might make sense to give patients a seat at the table to help you make the sausage that may one day course through our veins. You get the gist.

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