Thanks, Pandemic! (The Kids May Not Be Alright)

Out of Patients with Matthew Zachary

Thanks, Pandemic! (The Kids May Not Be Alright)

March 23, 2021

Thanks, Pandemic! (The Kids May Not Be Alright)

On the show today “Health/Technology Researcher” — and returning champion — Susannah Fox joins me along with Vicky Rideout, a researcher on children and media to discuss the findings from their brand new study: Coping with COVID-19: How Young People Use Digital Media to Manage Their Mental Health. What is absolutely fascinating about all of this is that there are actually two sets of data, one concluded in 2018 and then, with the pandemic, they repeated the same study and compared the differences. Spoiler – the results were shocking and yet… not shocking as you can imagine. Thank you to the generous sponsors who made this study possible: Hopelab, California Health Care Foundation, and Common Sense Media.

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